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Two Types of Policy: Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance

A life insurance policy is mortality based insurance contract provided by a life insurance company. The life insurance policy guarantees death benefits to policy holder in the event of death. The life insurance policy has economic value on a human life.

This also can be referred as human life value. Thus, a life insurance policy is vital aspect in our life and it is required to safeguard financial impact in the event of death.

Think about a family which relies on both husband and wife for the income source to pay monthly bills, children’s expenses etc. In such situation, a life insurance policy on both the husband and the wife would be a good idea.

The business associates can also use a life insurance policy to purchase on another’s assets in the event of unexpected death of an associate. An important employee in a business whose death would cause financial danger with the company is often insured with a life insurance policy.

There are two types of life insurance policy – Term Life Insurance Policy and Permanent Life Insurance Policy. The term life insurance policy is for a temporary life insurance need such as the period of time during which children are in school.

On other hand, permanent life insurance policy provides lifetime insurance protection and does not expire until you pay the premiums. It accrues cash value and is designed for long-term or permanent needs. These types of policies include Universal Life, Whole Life and Variable Life.

The life insurance death benefit is generally paid in a lump sum however the beneficiary can choose to obtain the death benefit of life insurance in the form of an annual installment. continually supervises the most important information on life insurance policy in order to provide you low-cost, high quality and excellent life insurance service.

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