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Best Refinancing

Best Refinancing

How can I find the best refinancing deal :

There are a number of factors that will affect the ability for you to refinance now, most importantly value of the home compared to neighboring properties and your documented ability to repay. If you bought your home in September using a down payment, most likely you will have equity available. Lenders are more conservative now than on how much risk they are willing to take, including most likely your current lender…if they are still in business. As an independent broker and correspondent bank, we have the ability to marry you up with the ideal lender for your individual situation with the lowest fees in the industry. Please get in touch with me at your convenience.

Start by calling the bank you currently have your mortgage with and ask their opinion. It will cost you a few thousand to re-finance because you have to go through closing again so, where is that money coming from? HSBC has been the most competitive in New York State and don’t carry a lot of Junk fees. They also service their loans themselves.

They will be very helpful to you.

Once you’ve assessed your situation, you can start to narrow down the lenders! Talk to your current mortgage lender first; just because you don’t like your current loan doesn’t mean you can’t change its terms and conditions under the guidance of your current lender. There might be something you’ve overlooked and the best refinancing deal could be right under your nose – not far and away at another lender. Still, after you talk to your own lender, schedule face-to-face “appointments” with as many other lenders as possible. Every lender will have different words of advice for you for your mortgage refinancing – it’s your job to discern this advice!

The best way to evaluate the different lenders is to compare the refinancing deals they offer. What can you expect them to put on the table?

Your current lender will likely offer no-cost mortgage refinancing. But don’t be fooled by the name – there are still fees and high interest rates you may have to cope with. And of course, if you’re refinancing because you have issues with the way your current lender operates, this obviously is not the best refinancing deal for you.

You may also want to consolidate your debts, and that can be a big task! But the bigger the difference mortgage refinancing will make in your life, the more time and effort you will have to put into it to get the best refinancing deal.

But ultimately, to determine if you’re getting the best refinancing deal, you simply have to do a cost/benefit analysis; compare what you’re paying today with what you could be paying tomorrow. It’s worth the time and effort to get to know the different lenders out there so as to secure the best refinancing deal. And if you approach this task carefully, you’re sure to find that there is a way you can refinance your mortgage to greatly benefit your finances. I hope you get the best refinancing deal out there because is a crazy world.


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