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Repair Bad Credit Guide

are feeling overwhelmed with all that debt you have, it may be time to do something about it. It is fact that the economy has taken a beating over the last year and there thousands of people that are suffering. The vast majority of people that find them self’s in this situation have never had to deal with trying to repair bad credit so they have no idea were to begin. So I have prepared this short guide to help steer you in the right direction.

Step 1

You need to set aside a few hours to sit down and go through all of your bills including household expenses , Car payments, Loan payments,Credit Card Payments, monthly utility bills and any other bills that you pay on a monthly schedule. Then I want you to take all those bills and put them in on pile, go through these bills and total them up.

Step 2

Is to total up all the income that you reachieved for the household for the month. Now subtract the Monthly bills from the monthly income and you will now see just how bad or good your financial health is. If you are like me and most people you are in what they call the red which means your out going bills are larger then your income. Now lets see how we can fix this.

Your Credit Score

One of the first things you should do is obtain a copy of your credit score and for those of you that do not know what a credit score is I will give you a brief explanation. Americans are entitled to one free credit report within a 12-month period from each of the three credit bureaus. Your credit score is a document that is compiled by three national credit reporting agency’s.Within this document is basically the same thing as you have done in the steps above but with a few more details added. The other details include when you first were given any type of credit and from who the amount of credit the length of the credit terms and if all your payments were made on time, it will also tell if the loan was paid off and when. The more credit history you have the better assuming all your payments were made on time.

The next thing is these reporting agency’s will take this information and use these numbers to compile a credit score the higher your credit score the better. Your credit score effects your life in many ways it is the primary factor in determining your interest rate on any loans you apply for. It could also affect the chances of you getting a new job.

Repair Bad Credit

The first and most recommended way would be to seek the help of a professional credit counseling agency. It is much easier to have someone that is well versed in credit matters to repair your bad credit then trying to do it on your own. A professional credit counselor has access to many different tools and resources that the average consumer does not. A credit counseling agency, with the client’s permission, can obtain a client’s credit report with no adverse action. If they happen to find errors on your credit report, it’s important that you make sure that they get it fixed.

Debt relief

Is the partial or total forgiveness of debt, or the slowing or stopping of debt growth and is one way that the credit counselor can help you to repair bad credit. He does this by approaching your credit card company’s and lenders and asking them to lower your interest rate and possibly forgiving and penalty’s and late payments that you have acquired previously. Once they have contacted all of your creditors and reduced as much debt as they can they will combine all of your monthly bills into one payment that is affordable for you. The terms of the monthly payments average three to five years. So, take the initiative and start working on repairing your credit as soon as possible.


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